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English Brief

Our firm has been present on the market for over ten years. We are a producer and distributor of shoe accessories. We operate throughout the country. Our professional staff guarantee our customers short delivery times and competitive prices.

As a producer and distributor of shoe accessories we are one of the leaders in the branch of shoemakers and shoe accessories.

Willing to meeting the market expectations, the firm AKS decided to establish its own chain of company shops:

  • Sroda Wielkopolska - ul. Dabrowskiego 16
  • Śrem - ul. Chopina 4b
  • Gniezno - Pl. 21 Stycznia 12a

and a virtual shop to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.

The range of products offered by the firm AKS includes:

  • Insoles
  • Heel cushions
  • Heel liners
  • Half insoles
  • Shoe cosmetics
  • Shoe laces
  • Shoehorns and shoe trees
  • Natural gels
  • Shoemakers accessories

In 2015 our firm was granted an award in the "Best of Poland" Consumers Products Quality Competition. Our clients and business partners perceive us as a reliable partner. The number of customers who are satisfied with our services has been growing for years. Our firm has a wide range of products on offer for shops, wholesale companies and shoemakers shops.

ul. Brodowska 28
63-000 Sroda Wlkp.
tel. +48 61 286 40 61
fax +48 61 286 40 62

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Biuro handlowe:
Środa Wlkp. ul. Brodowska 28

tel.: 061 286-40-61